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ELVs and Scrap Cars

If you have a Scrap car, an Mot Failure, Non Runner or accident damaged car, we offer a free collection service and we will pay cash for complete vehicles, Pre 1984 complete vehicles from £200 1984 to 2002 call 07780 707507 for a price Post 2002 Vehicles from £200

We cover all of Northamptonshire, Beds and Bucks and provide a simple trouble free professional service. You can of course always deliver the car to us yourselves and we will pay an extra £10 if you do so.

We are a fully DVLA approved Authorized Treatment Facility which means you can be assured that your vehicle will be disposed of correctly all vehicles are depolluted in accordance with current legislation, and as much of the car as possible is recycled we are currently achieving in excess of 85% .

If you have a car you want removed we are able to Trailer, Tow or pick up your vehicle with our crane so don\'t worry if its stuck fast we can shift it.


To scrap your vehicle you must take it to an authorized treatment facility (ATF) where it will be dismantled in an environmentally friendly way.

Cars, light vans and 3-wheeled vehicles If the ATF agrees to scrap your vehicle they\'ll give you a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) straightaway or within 7 days of issue if you\'re scrapping a: car light van 3-wheeled motor vehicle (but not a motor tricycle) The CoD is proof that the vehicle has been destroyed and you\'re not responsible for it any more. The ATF will tell DVLA that you\'re no longer responsible for the vehicle.

Other Types Of Vehicle

If you want to scrap any other type of vehicle you can still take it to an ATF, but you won\'t get a CoD. The ATF will tell DVLA, who will update the vehicle record to say it\'s been destroyed. Then you should complete the V5C/3 \'Notification of sale or transfer\' part of your V5C vehicle registration certificate and send it to DVLA. You should get a letter saying you\'re no longer responsible for the vehicle. If you don\'t get this letter within 4 weeks, call DVLA.